Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

Bright Horizons

Mailing Address: 6020 W. Bancroft St. #351414 Toledo , OH 43635

Phone: 419-491-0500




Bright Horizon’s advocates have over 30 years combined experience in disability rights advocacy.


All of Bright Horizon’s staff either have disabilities and/or have immediate family members with  disabilities.


Hiring an advocate is never a poor reflection on your own abilities. Disability-related laws and processes can be complex and overwhelming. Additionally, advocating  on behalf of a loved one can be very emotional.  Clients often tell us it really helps to have someone who can be an objective second set of ears they also know is looking out for their  loved one.


Many private advocates, attorneys and consultants charge between $100 and $300 an hour.  Bright Horizon’s rates range from $15 to $65 an hour depending on where you live, family size, and income.  They offer flexible payment schedules, and can also bill third party sources in some cases.