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GLCA Community Grants

We began fundraising and providing grants in 2006 and have distributed over $1 million to local organizations.  As a result, programs have been created and expanded and access to support has increased for our families.  We will continue to fuel growth and opportunity through the funding of community grants.  

Community Grant Guidelines

There are two types of Community grants available: unrestricted funding requests and program funding requests.  All organizations selected for either grant will be encouraged to share in the fundraising efforts and are required to provide volunteers. 

In addition, organizations who have received funding from the previous year's grant request, MUST complete and email all of their required documentation by May 1st to be considered for current year's funding cycle. 

Unrestricted Community Grant 

Organizations with a yearly budget under $250,00 are eligible to receive unrestricted funding.  The maximum amount that can be requested is $5,000 and can not be more than 20% of the organizations yearly budget.  Unrestricted Community Grant available here

Program Support Community Grant

Organizations with a budget over $250,000 must request program specific funding.  This can be to help begin a new program, build capacity, equipment, or other program related expenses.  Clear objectives and outcomes must be provided. The average amount awarded to each organization for program grants is between $5,000 and $10,000 however it is possible to receive more/less funding depending on the identified need, details of the program and who it will serve.  Program Support Community Grant available here

Change the Future: How Requests will be funded

Together there is opportunity to raise even more! Together we can change the future! 

Funding requests must be emailed to Catina Harding by 5pm, August 11th.  Requests will be reviewed by a committee and your organization will be notified if your proposal has been selected as one of the grants we will be fundraising to support. The committee will consider several areas including but not limited to: the need in the community, organization history of service, and potential for growth and sustainability.  A matrix weighing several of  these areas will be used as one of the evaluation tools.  

Each organization selected will have the opportunity to create their own fundraising page to email to their supporters, post on social media, or add to their organization webpage.  All funds your organization raises through this fundraising page will go directly to your request!

The more active your organization is in getting the word out and getting your supporters involved - the more you can raise.  Potentially even above and beyond your initial request!