Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

Help Grow Our Initiatives

With your help, we can continue to grow the opportunities, future, and lives for all touched by autism! Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism is a private non-profit charitable organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue System. All contributions are deductible for federal tax purposes.

Give a gift here that will go directly to the greatest need or choose where you would like to make an impact!

Venture Bound

Autism is a lifelong diagnosis that may require different supports through each phase of a person’s life. We believe everyone deserves the opportunities to reach their own personal best. Your gift here will allow us to provide opportunities to our adolescents and young adults that will prepare them for each transition in life through our Venture Bound program.

Scholarship Funds

One of the challenges for families is paying for programs and services. Even the best programs are not beneficial if families cannot afford to access them. Since 2011 we have distributed more than $200,000 in scholarship funding to community organizations.

Your Scholarship gift here will provide scholarship dollars to organizations that serve families with a demonstrated need.