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Oregon Pediatric Dentistry Dental Treatment for infants through teenagers

Oregon Pediatric Dentistry focuses on preventative dentistry and emphasize using Xylitol dental products daily at home to reduce your risk of having dental disease. They want patients to be cavity-free!

The doctors and staff work together as team members with one goal in mind – to make every child’s dental experience positive and enjoyable.

Child psychology training is necessary and required to complete a degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Medical Dentistry. Understanding the child patient is critical to successfully treating their dental conditions as well as making their office experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Dr. Branam, DDS and new Xylitol dental products

In his 35 years in practice as one of the country’s leading pediatric dentists, Dr. Steve Branam has seen the effects – and the causes – of early childhood tooth decay firsthand. The upper front teeth and upper and lower back teeth can decay rapidly and it is possible all of the baby teeth may be destroyed if the condition is not detected and corrected early enough. This can result in a much more complex and intensive treatment options.

Dr. Branam’s goal is to prevent decay before it even starts to ensure each child and their parents/caregivers have positive dental experiences!

The accumulated knowledge and experience gained in Dr. Branam’s practice and his passion for prevention was the driving force behind the creation of the Branam range of natural oral care products, and a company dedicated to providing parents with trusted resources to combat tooth decay.

Branam FaceBook post: The 2 little boys you see in my profile picture are my twin sons who turned 7 years old today. They are also both autistic. Brushing their teeth has always been a challenge with them and we always had to use baby toothpaste that did not contain fluoride or other ingredients that were not safe for swallowing. We started using Branam Xylitol Toothpaste approximately one month ago and it has been a Godsend! They both like the taste, it cleans better than the other children’s toothpastes, they do not fight us quite as much at brushing time, and we are starting our second tube now. We are a sugar-free household and I use Xylitol for all of our sweetening needs, so it is wonderful to have Branam Xyolitol toothpaste and chewing gum as well. Thank you for creating it Dr. Branam!”

– mom of 7 year old twins with autism

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