Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

Our Founding Story

More than 50 years ago, Bob and Suzy Tyner knew their two-year-old son was different.  He wasn’t like other children.  They took him to numerous professionals and no one could tell them what was wrong.  After 10 years of searching for an answer, the Tyners finally learned that their son had autism.

Through their generosity and love for their son, they created the Great Lakes Center for Autism (GLCA) through the Tyner Foundation in 2004.  The Tyners do not want other parents to travel the difficult path they had to take to get a diagnosis before they could help their son.  They established the organization as a loving tribute to their son and all people with autism and their families.

In 2011, The Great Lakes Center for Autism changed its name to Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism to reflect the community commitment to working together. The GLCA will continue its overall mission to inspire the growth of opportunities that will create a limitless future for all touched by autism.