Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

Community and Family Grants

The Challenge

Currently in Ohio, insurance provides very little coverage, if any, for programs and services related to autism. Families must often choose to forgo programs or incur potential life long financial debt.  We needed to find a way so all families could access the services that would provide the very best opportunities for their child.  

Our Impact

In 2006, we began hosting yearly fundraising campaigns with the sole purpose of investing all money raised back into LOCAL programs and services.  Since then, we have raised and distributed over $1 million into Northwest Ohio.  In addition to this fundraising, we have worked in collaboration with other organizations to secure close to $2 million in grant funding for new programs and services including a federal grant to establish the University of Toledo Center for Excellence in Autism.   

Community Grants 
Each year, we accept requests for funding from organizations that provide autism related services throughout Northwest Ohio. Through these community grants, we have distributed an average of $50,000 each year to various organizations throughout Northwest Ohio.
Additional information on previous grants and how to request funds is available here.  

Family Grants
Our community programs and services have continued to grow significantly, however, we realize families are still having a very difficult time accessing service because of the financial challenge. This year, we will begin offering families the opportunity to access funding that will assist in out of pocket costs for services, programs, support, and equipment. We expect to open the application process for these family grants in summer 2018.