Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism


6629 West Central Avenue
Toledo, OH 43617
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Mission and Vision

Harbor is not just about counseling anymore. Although they still provide top level counseling for individuals, families and children, they’ve grown to include a wide range of service offerings such as: family medicine, adult day care services for individuals with developmental disabilities, and vocational programs for individuals with barriers to employment.


To offer those served health, hope, happiness and opportunity.


Harbor will be the regional employer, provider, and partner of choice. They are determined to be the best they can be. Harbor will embrace innovation and change. Harbor can and we will make a difference.

Services Provided

Dr. Michael Walker, Developmental and Behavioral pediatrics Medical Director, along with Harbor’s developmental pediatricians and clinical staff work together with your family doctor and area medical specialists to ensure the best possible care for your child. Sometimes the challenging things kids do are a normal part of their development. Other times, they are more than “just a phase” and need the attention of a professional.

The Children’s Safe Harbor child psychiatrists and their team can work with your child to assess the situation and perform psychological testing if appropriate.

Harbor offers psychological testing, individual counseling, group programs, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) as well as medication evaluation and management.