Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Administrative Offices
1154 Larc Lane, Toledo, OH 43614

Administrative Offices (419) 380-4000 | Centralized Intake (419) 381-8320
Report Abuse or Neglect (419) 381-5206
After Hours (419) 380-5100 | Ombudsman (419) 381-3000
Public Relations/Media Inquiries (419) 380-4048


The Mission of the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities is Improving LIFE so that individuals with developmental disabilities reach their full potential.


  1. Believe all people have a right to full and equal citizenship.
  2. Believe all people have a right to shape their own future with support and guidance if needed.
  3. Believe all people have a right to share their unique strengths, abilities and contributions with others.
  4. Believe in the importance of families.
  5. Believe we have responsibility, as individuals and as an organization, to be leaders in promoting opportunities for all people to experience full citizenship while maintaining high ethical and fiscal standards.
  6. Believe in cultural competence.



  • A cutting edge organization that sets trends in the field;
  • An organization that assures every family is connected and supported with another family;
  • An organization that creates a community in which individuals with disabilities have a number of people that love and care for them that are unpaid; and
  • A program recognized as a leading community advocate and developer of supports for individuals with disabilities.


  • Serve as the front door through which individuals with developmental disabilities get connected to the life they desire;
  • Create a tangible, visual person-centered plan/map for each individual and family;
  • Empower a world class network of partners focused on quality, safety, security;
  • Empower a community where individuals with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to work, worship, play, volunteer, and live where THEY desire (full citizedns in community life); and
  • Create a community where individuals with developmental disabilities are full citizens in community life.


Engaged and empowered staff who are life-long learners and who help individuals with developmental disabilities create lives they desire; The flexibility to adapt to the supports being requested by families and individuals; and A program that focuses on creating an inclusive community and not buildings and structures.

Strategic Position

Building an inclusive community