Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

Together We Can Change the Future

Our Mission

Inspire the growth of opportunities that will create a limitless future for all touched by autism.

Our Vision

Our community is a place where all touched by autism are empowered to live without limits! Every individual and their family is greeted with encouragement, embraced with understanding, presented with opportunities, and appreciated as valuable members of society.

Our Motivation and Method

We are inspired by the strength, perseverance, and courage of all who are touched by autism! We understand that only through working together can we empower families and their loved ones to live without limits.

We identify and fund services and initiatives that will enrich the lives and grow the future for all touched by autism. We work to fuel the growth of opportunity for everyone to reach their personal best through collaborative efforts in our community. We celebrate the progress along the way, learn from each experience, and keep striving to achieve all that is possible.