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News Thursday, August 30th, 2018

Suzanne Tyner Autism Scholarship

Now accepting applications through September 15th!!

About the Suzanne Tyner Autism Scholarship Program

Bob and Suzy Tyner founded the GLCA in 2004 to assist local individuals and families touched by autism and provide better access to programs and services. To build on their work and further our mission of growing the opportunities, future, and lives for all individuals with autism, we are excited to introduce the Suzanne Tyner Autism Scholarship program. This program will provide scholarship assistance for local families so they may access critical programs, support, or equipment.

Scholarship Process

Suzanne Tyner Autism Scholarships were created to provide financial assistance to offset costs for families seeking interventions, assessments, education, equipment, etc… not covered by insurance or traditional grants. This can include (but is not limited to): early intervention programs, assessments/testing not covered by insurance, social skills programs, college support programs, transition to employment programs, touch devices, and recreational activities. Scholarships awarded will be dependent on current funds available, yearly fundraising activities, and number of qualified applicants.

The GLCA scholarship committee will review all qualified and complete applications and make decisions based on the financial need of each applicant. If amount requested by qualified applicants exceeds amount of funding available, households with multiple autism diagnosis will have priority. Additionally, the GLCA scholarship committee reserves the right to use a lottery system between equally qualified applicants if needed. Applications not being funded may be considered for next review date when additional funding is available. Any application that is denied will receive a letter regarding the decision. All decisions are final. The Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism committee will sign a confidentiality agreement before reviewing and will not share any information on applications without applicants written authorization.

Scholarship awards are not to be considered a recommendation as to the appropriateness or safety of a particular service or piece of equipment for each applicant. Each family is strongly urged to consult with their physician, therapists, and or educators regarding the choice and use of a particular service, program, or equipment.

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