Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

Project iAm


Project iAm was developed initially for a fundraiser, Acoustics for Autism, in order to distribute money and establish scholarships with provider’s of care in the Toledo area. Their main focus is to provide support and information, resources, and financial assistance to families affected by autism. Because there are so many schools of thought on the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder, they encourage families to “test the waters” and find the right fit for their child. Project iAm aims to help families speed up the cycle time from the autism diagnosis to effective treatments.

Project iAm is NOT affiliated with any one particular group, nor do they promote one kind of treatment or education over another. They firmly believe that each child’s individual needs dictate which source of treatment best suits their disorder. Project iAm is not associated with any other local or national societies and is strictly a charity whose primary function is to raise money for families so they can continue to get their children the care they deserve. Their hope is that parents will get their children diagnosed early so they can begin living the fullest life they can.

Project iAm is 100% volunteer based; all funds raised, after standard operating expenses, go directly into a scholarship fund and is distributed periodically throughout the year. Project iAm is a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization.

For more information Email:

Nicole Khoury, Executive Director

Joey Begeman, Director of Scholarship Services