Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital Autism Early Learning Program

2040 West Central Avenue
Toledo, OH 43606
Phone: (419) 291-7080 Fax: (419) 480-5901
For more information, Email: Melissa Schlotterer, Autism Early Learning Program Manager

Services Provided

The ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital Autism Early Learning Program offers intensive behavioral services for children with autism from diagnosis to 6 years. Developed in consultation with the Cleveland Clinic’s Autism Center, this early childhood program operates full-day and year-round with strong parental involvement and low student-to-staff ratio. Each child’s program is individualized, with one-to-one intervention at first, followed by small group settings as the student progresses. Tailored instruction focuses on communication, behavior, play, socialization, and developmentally appropriate skill acquisition. Parent training and participation are mandatory.

Autism Early Learning Program specialists, including consulting psychologists, behavior therapists and consulting physicians, provide the following services:

  • Initial and ongoing evaluations
  • Speech and language services
  • Behavioral/educational consultation
  • Functional behavior assessment
  • Behavioral therapy and consultation
  • Intensive behavioral intervention

An individual program is developed for each child, depending on his or her needs. All programs rely on current autism findings, with a strong focus on applied behavior analysis.

The Autism Early Learning Program is a tuition-based program. Tuition can be supported by scholarships, insurers, school districts, charitable agencies, private pay, or other sources.

The Autism Early Learning Program is located within the Autism Center at 2040 W. Central Ave., Toledo, OH 43606.

For questions or to schedule an appointment, please call 419-291-7080