Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

Special Kids Therapy

1700 East Sandusky Dr.
Findlay, OH 43585
Phone: (419) 422-5607

Located in Findlay, Ohio, Special Kids Therapy, Inc. is a non-profit Section 501 (c)(3) charity funded by grants, individual gifts, and fundraisers.

Services Provided

Sensory Playrooms

SKT has two sensory playrooms. One located in Findlay and one at the Autism Center on the Campus of Toledo Children’s Hospital in Toledo.

Family Scholarships

Children who have special health care needs sometimes do not have adequate insurance coverage for their traditional therapies. For most of the alternative therapies such as; animal, art, massage and water ( just to name a few) there is no insurance coverage. There are few places for families with gaps in insurance, whether public or private, to turn to for funding. Because of limited funding, children may go without necessary therapies or alternative therapies/activities that enhance their quality of life. Many times families assume a large amount of debt to give their child a chance for joyful experiences. SKT was founded because of those needs and is willing to help fill this void.

SKT will assist families with the purchase of special medical equipment. This may include electrical wheelchairs and other mobility aides, communication devices, and auditory equipment that is needed for inclusion in daily living but not covered by insurance.

Summer Day Camp

Special Kids Therapy in Findlay, Ohio, offers a camp for children with special needs. This Hancock County special needs camp is an opportunity for children to enjoy their summer and experience a traditional summer camp modified to fit their capabilities.

Family Fun Day

Special Kids Therapy offers a one day camp for special needs children and their family at Camp Berry Boy Scout Camp in Findlay, Ohio. Family Fun Day is an opportunity for children with disabilities and their families to experience interactive and fun, as well as therapeutic, activities.