Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

Our Strategy

100% Impact

All of our operation costs are covered by The Tyner Foundation, the GLCA board, or in kind donations so that every dollar donated makes a direct impact on the lives and futures of those we serve.

Data Driven

We work to ensure the needs in our community are met. We identify partners that are passionate, have demonstrated commitment to those we serve, and will be effective in growing life opportunities.
We rely on community feedback, research, and assessment data to set priorities, identify partners, establish initiatives, and focus our funding efforts.

Commitment Required

We look for partners that are willing to use information to better understand the needs of those they serve and are committed to growing the lives and futures for all touched by autism. We continually strive for improvement and growth and require our partners to do the same. We use established benchmarks to measure progress and make necessary adjustments to maintain stellar programs and services that will provide opportunities for all to achieve their personal best.

Outcome Focused

We assess programs and services we invest in, not only in numbers served, but also by changes in quality of life, opportunity, and growth.