Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

Toledo Hearing and Speech Center

4841 Monroe Street, Suite 103
Toledo, OH  43623
Phone: (419) 241-6219  Fax: (419) 241-5912

For more contact Anna Boggs or (419)241-6219 x 202

Services Provided 

School Year Services
The Toledo Hearing and Speech Center provides individualized ABA therapy for clients ages 2-18. Therapy can be provided in the clinic, at home and/or at school. These services are completely customized to individual and family needs. They also provide an on-going Social Skills group for individuals who are working on increasing/ generalizing their social skills with peers and out in the community.

In collaboration with many local schools, Toledo Hearing and Speech provides on-site behavior management training for their staff who most frequently work with children with disabilities. They also provide behavior consulting and staff assistance as needed to allow for children to be successful in their mainstream school environments.

Summer Services
For those individuals who do best with continued structure over the summer months we provide full and half day summer camp options which focus on academic and social growth.

Extra-Curricular Activities
Visual Music Concepts is a music program which was designed using ABA strategies to teach any individual how to play piano, read music and learn basic music theory. Includes an annual recital in the spring!