Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

Uniting Communities

The Challenge

Autism numbers continue to rise with 1 in 68 now being identified with autism, with that number increasing to 1 in 42 for boys. Locally, thousands of families are touched by autism and seek out services and support. As in many communities, we have not always worked together efficiently. Historically, in Northwest Ohio, we were more likely to operate in silos which caused services to be fragmented, disjointed, and difficult to access. Often our providers competed with each other even though the need greatly outweighed the resources available. This was a major source of anxiety and frustration for our families.

Our Impact

As we began strengthening community relationships, our board remained committed to including all interested service providers even though several had an established history of competing. Each and every organization knew we needed to work together and pledged their commitment to our families. After many questions, discussions, and meetings, we brought together all interested partners to work with us and create the Toledo Regional Autism Network (TRAN). TRAN was formally established and began working on community wide initiatives in January 2013. The entire TRAN membership meets on a quarterly basis with working groups meeting as needed to achieve determined goals. Check out the TRAN website to learn more about what current community initiatives TRAN is working on.