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University of Toledo Speech, Language, Hearing Clinic

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Services Provided 

The University of Toledo Speech-Language Hearing Clinic offers a full range of services for the evaluation and treatment of communication and hearing disorders and language-based learning problems. 

The UT Speech-Language Hearing Clinic provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluations to children and adults with communication problems ranging from simple articulation disorders, to fluency impairments, to multiple co-existing disabilities.  While the diagnostic evaluation is individualized, both standardized and informal protocols are utilized to examine the individual's communication problem and its impact on daily functioning.

Preschool Services

The UT Speech-Language Hearing Clinic offers a full range of services for children from birth to school age who have communication and learning problems.  Evaluation, with referral and collaboration as needed with medical and therapeutic specialists and schools in the area, facilitates development of a full program of intervention for preschoolers.  Early intervention and prevention are keys to full development.

Provision of Services to Local Schools

The UT Clinic provides supplementary therapy for students in area schools.  As part of the on-going treatment, student clinicians observe their clients in the school setting and share information with the classroom teacher(s) and speech-language therapists.  The student clinician and the clinical supervisor may also attend IEP meetings and provide consultation to the school upon request.

Each year the Clinic provides speech-language pathology services to local schools to offer UT students experience in school settings.  Screening of various preschool populations for speech-language development and hearing is provided to a number of preschools in Toledo.  Further, a full speech-language-hearing and academic screening and follow-up evaluation services are offered to alternative schools.

Extended School Year Summer Program for Individuals with Autism

Each summer the Clinic, in cooperation with the Autism Society of Northwest Ohio, provides an Extended School Year Summer Program for students in area public schools.  This summer program offers a model for an interdisciplinary team approach including services of special educators, speech-language pathologists, an occupational therapist, and a behavioral psychologist. The children work in a classroom setting where graduate students in speech-language pathology provide daily therapy as well as working as classroom or individual aides in the program.  Enhanced Individual Educational Plans are utilized as the blueprint for services.  The children receive an initial evaluation and 6 weeks of school, and conferences with parents/guardians are held regularly.  The program is located at our clinic.