Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

What We Do

We are dedicated to growing the opportunities, future, and lives for all touched by autism.

The world is ever changing. Just as the needs of our own families change frequently, so do the needs of our families touched by autism. We work to IDENTIFY EMERGING NEEDS so that we can draft a plan of action allowing us to improve, grow, and provide stellar services and support.

We believe if we continually strive to PROMOTE AWARENESS, UNDERSTANDING, and APPRECIATION each family and individual touched by autism will be embraced, encouraged, and acknowledged as valuable members of society.

We envision a community where families can live without limits. We identify partners and direct our fundraising efforts to GROW and FUND SERVICES and SCHOLARSHIPS that will empower families with choices and provide their loved ones with the opportunities needed to thrive.

We know we all need to work together to provide every possible opportunity for all touched by autism. We work to UNITE COMMUNITIES and provide a forum for collaboration, facilitation, and leadership among community partners.